Anti-theft Protection for EVO Carrier QUICK-LOCK Function 2 matching locks, 2 keys

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Anti-theft protection for EVO side carriers

Pick-pocket protection: the EVO side carrier can be removed in no time thanks to the Quick-release fasteners. To protect against theft, we recommend replacing a QUICK-LOCK quick-release fastener with the lockable anti-theft device. It reliably secures the EVO side carrier to the motorcycle.This set contains two anti-theft devices. The locks lock simultaneously, so you only need one lock for both sides. A spare key is also included in delivery.

  • Anti-theft protection for EVO side carriers
  • With the anti-theft protection, any two quick release fasteners can be replaced
  • Set for right and left EVO side carriers, consisting of 2 matching locks and 2 identical keys

Included in delivery

  • 2 x Anti-theft protection for EVO side carriers
  • 2 x keys

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