Modular Waterproof Luggage from SW-Motech

SW-Motech’s new SysBag Waterproof Bags redefine how motorcycle luggage works, combining the lightness and waterproof construction of soft luggage with the convenience and stability of hard luggage mounting systems. 
SysBag WP Large
Made entirely of tough 210 Ripstop TPU material, with welded seams to keep any water out, there are three sizes to choose from - Large can hold up to 40 litres of luggage, Medium 23 litres and small has 16 litres capacity. 

SysBag WP Medium

All feature roll top closure, combining easy access with a reliable waterproof seal, fastened by quick-release buckles on the top, where they can't be snagged by branches or damaged in a fall.
SysBag WP Small
The Large SysBag has a removable inner bag, complete with adjustable sections for organising kit, while the Medium and Small have separate zippered pockets inside. 

Much lighter than hard luggage, SysBags are easier to handle off the bike too. They can be used individually or together, in dozens of different configurations, eg: a large bag on one side and a small/medium on the other, to clear a high level exhaust. 

SysBags can be attached and removed from the bike in seconds using SW-Motech’s ’one-click’ solid mounting system. Medium and Small bags come prepared to accept adapter plates enabling them to be mounted to SW Motech’s bike-specific SLC Side Carriers, while the Large is designed to be used with their PRO Side Carriers. 
Alternatively they can be attached to almost any pannier rack using the integrated straps; no separate cords or bungees needed. There is even an option to attach additional bags using the Molle loop system. 

To see the full range of SysBags and fitting kits, click HERE

SysBags WP