SW-MOTECH Presents a New Generation of Motorcycle Drybags

For many years, the Drybags are a fixed instance in the product range of SW-MOTECH. Waterproof, versatile and suitable for almost any motorcycle. Whether on the pillion seat, the luggage rack, on the crash bar or combined with other luggage: The waterproof Drybags find their place on every motorcycle in the world and also reliably fulfil their purpose as a practical travel bag.

motorcycle waterproof bag

Despite or perhaps because of this success story, SW-MOTECH has given its long-running models an upgrade. Both visually and functionally, the revised drybags are ready for the next adventure. Improved materials, sleek design and simplified fastening - the new generation of drybags enrich every motorcycle tour.

waterproof motorcycle bag

Softer material and subtle look

The new drybags are made of a PVC material with an supple material. This makes the rear bags soft and flexible, making them easier to roll up. Whether loaded or empty - the new material simplifies the handling of the bags on every tour.

motorcycle drybag waterproof

Due to the darker color, the Drybags visually approach the waterproof luggage family of SW-MOTECH: Both the SysBag WP bags and the entire PRO line on the tank or tail harmonizes perfectly with Drybags. Thanks to the color contrast in the interior, items can now be organized even better. The simple details and the discreet SW-MOTECH logo provide a stylish look that looks good in any environment on all bikes.

 New belt arrangement and lots of features

We've also gone one better in terms of handling with the revised Drybags: thanks to the new arrangement of straps and buckles, the six models are even easier to lash down and combine with other Drybag models on the pillion seat or luggage rack.

Except for the Drybag 80, all models have an external pocket for small travel items. The integrated handle on the side makes transporting the bags comfortable and with the separately available shoulder strap, you can turn the Drybags into a versatile travel bag in no time at all. And if even more storage space is needed, additional bags can also be attached to the integrated MOLLE attachments.

drybag waterproof from sw-motech
  • 500D polyester
  • Surface: PVC coated
  • Universal fit for almost all motorcycles
  • Welded outer pocket (except Drybag 80)
  • Waterproof, extremely durable luggage roll
  • Easily compressible due to supple materials
  • Integrated MOLLE panel (except Drybag 80 and Drybag 180)
  • D-rings allow secure tightening of the bag to the motorcycle
  • Integrated handle on the side
  • Waterproof roll closure and taped seams
  • Reflective details for added visibility


See here for the selection of SW-Motech Drybags, as the new designs are rolled out across different sizes.


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