Need a spare part for your SW-Motech product?

Follow the steps below to find the spare part you require, and to apply for a replacement.
Once your Spare Part Application has been received and reviewed, one of our customer service team members will let you know if the part is available and the price.


Nearly all of our SW-Motech products are supplied in a kit of items for your installation. To find the spare part (the replacement item) you are looking for, you will first need to know the part number of your SW-Motech product.

If you know your SW-Motech product's part number, then type the number (for example: BC.TRS.00.110.30000) into the website's 'Search' bar - found in the website header, next to the SW-Motech logo. The website will display the product page for your SW-Motech product. Then move onto STEP 2.

If you do not know your SW-Motech product part number, try searching for your product on this website. Open the Make, Model, Year search tool, and select your motorcycle model from the dropdown menus. While not necessary, it might help your search if you also select your SW-Motech product's category - E.g. Luggage, Protection, Safety, or Navigation etc. as this will narrow your search. At the very least, you will need to select the MAKE, MODEL, CAPACITY, and YEAR, of your motorcycle. Then click on the 'Search' button. 

A list of all the SW-Motech products for your motorcycle will be displayed. Scroll through the list until you see your SW-Motech product. Open product page. Then move onto STEP 2.

If you cannot find your product page then your SW-Motech product may have been discontinued. Move to STEP 4 below.


Scroll down the product page to the bottom of the product's "Description" panel. If you see a panel called "Customer Reviews", you have gone a little too far down the product page.

At the bottom of the product description you will find an instruction (usually highlighted in red and underlined) called "Mounting Instructions".

Click on the "Mounting Instructions".

Another internet tab should open, which will contain your product's mounting instructions, displayed as a Pdf. 

Scroll down to to the page in the instructions called "PARTS LIST".


Read through the description of each part, and review their individual images. Once you have identify your required spare part from your SW-Motech product's PARTS LIST, note down the Item Number - usually the third column in the PARTS LIST.


Now you have your spare part number (the Item Number). Complete the Spare Part Application form below: