EVO high beam kit Kawasaki Versys 650 (21-) Black

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EVO High beam kit

The highly concentrated light of the EVO high beams has a particularly wide range. This provides optimal lighting for the rider's view and ensures safety during on- or off-road riding. SW-MOTECH sought out a reliable partner for the development of the new EVO fog lights and relied on the expertise of a long-standing top manufacturer from the automotive sector. Development is focused on meeting the strictest quality standards while also maintaining a compact shape: the EVO high beams are resistant to water and dust, with an IP69 protective class rating. Powerful LEDs provide the best view, while wear-resistant housings ensure long life.

These bike-specific mounts provide optimal positioning of the EVO lights, because they are developed exclusively for each motorcycle model. The sturdy elements made of powder-coated steel are screwed on to existing attachment points. They guarantee secure hold for the EVO lights, even when riding off-road. Please refer to the mounting instructions to determine if headlamps can be mounted standing, hanging and/or sideways on your motorcycle model.

  • Light mount

    • Compatible with SW-MOTECH lights
    • Simple mounting on available attachment points
    • Bike-specific development ensures that lights fit perfectly
    • Corrosion protection thanks to the high-quality powder coating
    • Details

    • Material: Steel
    • Surface: powder coated
    • Color: black
    • Total Weight: appr. 0,5 kg / appr. 1.1 lb
  • EVO High beams

    • Trouble- and maintenance-free operation due to almost wear-free LED, considerably reduced energy consumption
    • Power output: 12 W each light
    • Luminous flux: 800 LM each light
    • ECE test mark: ECE R113 Rev.2
    • Highly concentrated beam with long-distance range
    • Compact size with a diameter of 7.1cm
    • Water- and dustproof (safety class: IP69)
    • Voltage: 12 V. Cable harness for easy connection to the motorcycle battery included in delivery, no change to motorcycle electric required
    • Splash-protected, blue glowing handlebar switch for comfortable operation (Protection class: IPX4)
    • Mounting points on all four sides
    • Installation on headlight clamps for crash bar (Ø 22, 26, 27, 28 mm) or bike-specific brackets
    • Details

    • Material: Aluminum
    • Surface: powder coated
    • Color: black
    • Total Weight: appr. 1,3 kg / appr. 2.9 lb
    • Note

    • Note that due to the curvature of the reflector the "TOP" mark must always be at the top.
    • Light clamps for crash bar and bike-specific mounts are available separately.
    • Please observe the legal regulations applicable in your country for the operation and installation of high beams
    • Required for mounting

    • Crash bar clamps or bike-specific light mount

Included in delivery

  • 2 x EVO High beams
  • 2 x Light mount
  • 1 x Cable harness with fuse
  • 1 x Handlebar switch, glowing blue
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting material


  • Total Weight: appr. 1,8 kg / appr. 3.9 lb


  • Only mountable with SW-MOTECH logo up due to reflector curvature
  • Please observe the legal regulations applicable in your country for the operation and installation of high beams.

Mounting Instructions

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